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I love exploring and seeing new places, and have spent considerable time and energy traveling around the world. Travel has become a slight addiction for me, and nothing satisfies me more than experiencing new cultures, marveling at the spectacles of the natural world, and discovering more about myself along the way. I’ve also become a bit of a shutterbug, and have delighted in the ease of sharing my pictures in the digital era. To see some of the places I’ve been and see the pictures I’ve taken, please visit my Travel and Photography pages.

I am also fascinated by the world’s geological and biological diversity, and so most of my favorite activities involve experiencing nature. I enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, SCUBA diving, and doing just about anything that gets me outdoors. I am also an avid naturalist, and many of my activities, such as bird watching and tidepooling, focus on seeing wildlife. You can learn more about places I’ve dived and birds I’ve seen by looking through my online SCUBA Dive Log and Bird Watching Life List. Most people, though, would be more interested just looking at the pictures on my Photography page.

I suppose that it was my attempt to combine my interests that lead me towards the natural sciences, and I have spent more than a decade studying and working as a geophysicist, ornithologist and marine biologist. I recently earned a PhD in Marine Ecology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I love what I do, and I am an unabashed nerd when it comes to my research and science in general. To see what I do for a living, please visit my Professional Summary page.

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